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If you've never visited my site before, my name's Deborah Lough, and I made my first piece of padded armour
in 1998.  
That was a mid - late fifteenth century padded jack, based one of those seen on the shrine of St Ursula by
Memling.  I have just refurbished the third padded jack I ever made (the sleeves needed refitting).  It is
approaching 12 years of age, and has much life left in it.

I've since made a huge variety of padding, including early medieval and "dark age" gambesons and achetons, late
medieval jacks and 'coat armour', variations on the pourpoint of Charles de Blois (with grande assiette sleeves),
fencing doublets, Roman subarmilises (subarmilae???).

My padding has been used by Griffin Historical, Bosworth Battlefield, English Heritage, EventPlan, and has been
used at Arbeia Roman Fort and Bodiam Castle, and seen on television, including prime time ITV1 (Primeval).  
My padding is currently in use on three continents (Europe, North America, and Australia).

Most of my work is made to order, and fully made to measure.  Occasionally I make pieces to standard sizes,
usually when they are to be used as handling pieces by museums.

Every single piece of padding is made by me, in Yorkshire.  I do not out source, and I do not import.  I do not
exploit poorly paid 'outworkers', or worse paid 'piece workers'.

While the bulk of my customers simply want a piece of padding that works, and that is appropriate to the
historical period they are portraying, I am happy to work with those who require a more rigorously accurate
piece.  I am more than willing to undertake original research related to commissions, if I have not already
researched the area.
Obviously, if the garment for which you are looking is entirely based in fantasy, I'm also happy to create it -
either to your design, or I can design a piece for you.

I tend not to shout much about the materials I use - anybody can buy good fabrics.  The thing that sets my
padding apart from others is the experience, research, and practise that I've gone through, and the skill I've gained
in the last 14 years.  The art of linen armouring is not one that can be learned overnight, and it is substantially
different to clothes making, or armour making.  If you employ me, you're buying that knowledge.

That said, my fastenings (points, hooks and eyes, etc), are made by some of the best craftspeople in the British
Isles.  All of the point holes that I make, whether only for the front fastening, or for full arming and voider points,
are re-enforced with internal (i.e. hidden) metal rings.  I was the first person to re-enforce my eyelets in this way -
based on historical research, and others have since followed in my path.
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Early Medieval Short Sleeved Gambeson
15th Century Leather Trimmed Arming Doublet in Grey
'Lubeck' Style Cotton Padded Jack
Child Sized Burgundian Puffed Sleeve Padded Jack
Bespoke, historically accurate and historically inspired arming doublets, gambesons, jupons, pourpoints, padded jacks, padded jackets,
fencing doublets and other padded armour hand made entirely in the UK.  
Uses include re-enactment, larp, wma, museum, and TV.
Padded Armour made in Great Britain my website, and thank you for visiting!
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Padded Armour made in Great Britain
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