Padded Armour Company - Early Medieval Gambeson, and Surcoat
An off white linen canvas gambeson (acheton or aketon), at
the left of the above picture, lined in white 'shirt-weight' linen.

The body and skirt is heavily padded, with six layers of wool,
in addition to the linen outer and lining.  Naturally, the sleeves
are thinner, to allow for movement.

The underarms are gussetted, giving full arm mobility.

This gambeson is front fastening, with hand made hooks and
eyes, over in internal port piece.
Padded Armour Company - Early Medieval Gambeson
Bannockburn 2004
(It was a bit damp that day!)
Also shown in the black and white picture above is a green and
white surcoat that I made under my costume label, Deborah Lough.
 It is shown worn over a mail shirt, and one of my stuffed