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related stuff, some re-enactment related.
I have tried to split them roughly into sections, though within the sections they're in
no particular order.
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The Arms and Armour Society (UK)
Group interested in serious research into arms and armour that meets at The Tower.

The Armour Research Society
Another serious research group, with online chat and forums for members.

The International Arms and Armour Conference
Just as the name suggests - international conference dealing with the history of arms and

Museums with arms and armour collections:
Glasgow Museums
The Wallace Collection
The Royal Armouries
The Victoria and Albert Museum
The Metropolitan Museum
The Great Pattern Review
Courtesy of the Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild, a review of commercially available
historical patterns.  Check here before you buy that pattern!  And if you've already bought it,
you can mail them your review.

Bjarne Drew's Costumes 1
Bjarne Drew's Costumes 2
Absolutely gorgeous costumes by Bjarne Drew in Denmark  His embroidery is to die for!!!

The Costumer's Manifesto
Essential costuming site with hundreds of pages of info and external links.  
Brilliant site, by Tara Maginnis, PhD, of the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

The Royal School of Needlework
Embroidery mecca!!  British Coronation Gowns are made here.
The site has full details of all their courses, short and long, accredited and not, and all sorts of
other info.  
They also have an online shop where you can get kits, slate frames, and decorative items.

The Internet Movie Database
Strictly speaking, not costume, but it's where I get info on film costume designers.

The Medieval Dress and Textile Society.

Institute of Draped Clothes
Research into all sorts of draped clothing, including the peplos, chiton, toga, and sari / saree.

The Costume Society
Not much explanation needed, with virtually every costume / dress historian in the country on
their books...

The Costume Society USA.
As the British version, but in the states.  International membership.

|The Northern Society of Costume and Textiles
Society based in the North of England.  Arrange study days, and have a small number of
patterns available.

The premier Norman group in Britain.  Tons of info on the Normans and Anglo-Normans.

Votes for Women
New group researching and recreating the struggle of the suffragettes

The Company Ecorcheur
A top group, portraying the 15th century Gloucester's Household, and The Warwick Castle

Scottish medieval re-enactment.  Visit their site to learn both how to pronounce the name, and
what was wrong with 'Braveheart'(!!!), as well as lots of other info and articles.

The Company of St. George
European group portraying the 15th century.  Formerly Captained by Gerry Embleton.  Worth
a look if only for the Dragon online (the group newsletter, articles on everything fifteenth

Rosa Mundi
Another of the top 15th century groups in the UK.

The Oxfords
Wars of the Roses

The Oxfords Household
Wars of the Roses (no, I'm not going mad - there are two)

Late Roman group (End of Roman Age).

The Ermine Street Guard
The premier Roman group, (and one of the first - I first saw them on Blue Peter when I was at
middle school!).

Late Romans.

Lothene Experimental Archeology
Early medieval Scottish group with tons of info on thier site, including articles about cases of
women fighting.

The 19th Indiana
OK, so they don't wear padding, but our regiment of the American Civil War Society (UK).

John Bright's Regiment of Foote
Parliamentarian regiment  the English Civil War Society.


The Original Re-enactor's Market
Probably the longest running historical market in the UK, and the largest.  
Celebrating its 15th year in 2005.

International Multi-Period Re-enactment Market
One day market, now in its 4th year, at Pudsey Civic Centre, near Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Suppliers and other.

Deborah Lough Costumes
Historical clothing from Neolithic to Now!
Debbie's historical clothing label.

Handmade historical leather items, including saddles and tack, by a fully trained saddler.  

Skirmish Magazine
Magazine "run by re-enactors, for re-enactors".

Living History
Discussion site for UK re-enactors.

Madregal Designs
Armour, helmets, and weaponry.  Also decorative ironwork, and metalwork.

Martin Hodgkiss
Armour, weapons etc.

Dressed to Kill
Armour, helmets and weapons.  

Armour Class
Swords, targes, etc.

Ana Period Shoes
Reproduction footwear, mainly medieval.

Plantagenet Shoes
Reproduction footwear, belts and scabbards, etc.  Also the children's shoe hire scheme.

Andy Kirkham
Bows, arrowheads, knives, pliers, etc (and medieval shears that scare people!).
Not yet using modern fangled stuff, so tel. 01709 540 390.

Gerry Burrows
Wood turner, basket weaver and rope maker (demonstrates as well as making).

Event organisation run by Howard Giles.

Griffin Historical.
Organisation run by Mark Griffin.
I'm doing some work on this page (sorry) - do feel free to get in
touch if you need some more info.