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15th Century
Early Medieval Short Sleeved Gambeson
Below are links to some of my work.  Each picture below links to a page showing more pictures of,
and details about, that particular item.

The pictures are roughly in chronological order.

As you'd imagine, this page is fairly picture heavy, as are those linked from it, so they may take a
while to load if you have a slow connection.
Please note! as I'm redesigning my website at the moment, not all the below links are working
- if there's anything in particular you'd like to see, feel free to e-mail via my contact page.  
Apologies for any inconvenience.
Roman Subarmilis
Early Medieval
Gambesons / Achetons
Norman Gambeson
Norman Gambeson, with Short Sleeves
Early Medieval Gambeson
Early Medieval Leather Gambeson
High Medieval 'Outremer' Gambeson
Other Early Medieval Pieces
Medieval Arming Cap
Medieval Gamboised Cuisses
14th Century
Blue 14th Century Gambeson
Emblazoned / Heraldic 14th Century Gambeson
14th Century Jack, based on the 'de Blois' Doublet of 1440-1460
Emblazoned / Heraldic (Percy family) 14th Century Dagged Gambeson
Medieval Acheton and Surcoat
Arming Doublets
15th Century Arming Doublet, with Leather Trim
Black and Red Late Medieval Arming doublet, Leather Trimmed
Late Medieval Lether Trimmed Arming Doublet
Green Late Medieval Arming Doublet with Leather Trim
Late Medieval Leather Trimmed Arming Doublet in Blue Linen
Late Medieval Leather Trimmed Arming Doublet
Natural Linen Late Medieval Arming Doublet
Padded Jacks
Sleeveless Padded Jack
15th Century Stuffed Jack
Child-sized Burgundian Padded Jack
Stuffed Burgundian Late Medieval Jack
Late Medieval Hand Knotted Jack
15th Century Cotton Padded Jack
Leather Padded Jack
15th Century Jack
Late Medieval Padded Jack with Detachable Sleeves
Later Periods
16th Century Leather Jerkin
16th Century Padded Leather Jerkin
Late Medieval Arming Doublet, with Silk Lining
Padded Armour made in Great Britain