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Instructions are almost exactly the same as with layered padding, but make the water cooler - luke warm
or tepid - and if possible use a detergent designed for woollens, or soap flakes (pre-dissolved).

Do not dry clean, do not machine wash, do not tumble dry, and do not dry near direct sources of heat.

See above note regarding fastenings.
Do you have a piece of my padding, but no care info?  Fear not!  It's below...

If you do need any further help,
contact me
Do not put into a washing machine!

Do not have dry cleaned!!

Definitely do not tumble dry!!!  

This type of padding is washable, but only by hand.

The best place to wash it is the bath or shower.  Any waterproof vessel that's large enough will do,
but, obviously, these have the advantage of running water.

Use a mild detergent - old fashioned soap flakes or something like Ecover or Persil hand liquid are

Put the piece of padding into the bath or shower and fill with enough hand hot water to cover the

Sloosh it about a bit (i.e. agitate it) - get in and use your feet if necessary!

Drain the water and repeat as needed.

Rinse till all the detergent you can see is gone, and then rinse again for good measure (this will take a
while, and will seem infernally boring, but any detergent left in the fabric can cause discolouration).

Allow the garment to drain till it begins to stop dripping, then put it somewhere warm to dry - not over
/ in front of a fire or radiator (that can make the linen fibres more brittle), and don't use a tumble dryer
or anything remotely similar (it will shrink)!  The sun is
fine though...

NB - if your garment has metal fastenings (eg, buttons, hooks and eyes, etc), you may want to
consider removing them for washing to avoid tarnishing.  Buckles can be covered with cling film
(Seran wrap to Americans!) if you make sure it's secure enough not to come loose.  Obviously,
remove all points.
These are specifically designed to be machine washable.  The internal padding is quilting cotton, which
has been pre-shrunk.  

Wash on a cool machine setting, not above 40 degrees, with slow spin (if possible).

Allow to dry naturally, as above.

Do not tumble dry, or dry near a direct source of heat (other than sunshine), as above.
Do not dry clean.

Can also be hand washed as with the others.

See above note regarding fastenings.

NB - hooks and eyes if not removed can catch on the inside of washing machines and tear out
of the garment.