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Books with more info about either padded armour, or arms and armour in general.

If we come across any websites with specific articles that may be of interest, I'll link those here, too.

If you are aware of any books, articles, or websites that are not listed, let us know and I'll be happy to add it.
The Medieval Armour from Rhodes
W Karcheski, T Richardson

Royal Armouries
ISBN 978-0948092411
Arms and Armour of the Medieval Knight
David Edge, John Miles Paddock

Bison Books
ISBN 978-0517644683
Companion to Medieval Arms and Armour
David Nicolle (ed)

Boydell Press
ISBN 978-0851158723
The History of the Merchant Taylors'
Matthew Davies, Ann Saunders

Maney Publishing
ISBN 978-1902653990
More to be added shortly!!
A Short History of Costume and Armour
Kelly & Schwabe

Dover Publications
ISBN 978-0486422640
"The Jupon, or coat-armor, of the Black Prince in Canterbury
in Church Monuments, the Journal of the Church Monument Society, VIII, 1993
Janet Arnold.

NB - The Society has sold out of the publication, but it may still be available in
some libraries
I'm doing some work on this page (sorry) - do feel free to get in
touch if you need some more info.