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Hi, I'm Debbie, I make clothes!

I also do much of the research into the clothing and other items I make.

I have been embroidering and sewing since I was a very small child (I was too interested into sticking
my fingers into sockets to see what would happen).  I've been cutting and making clothes since I was a
slightly older child.

I have been researching and making historical clothing for almost a decade now, and have many,
many happy customers (some of whom have become friends).

I was taught to sew originally by my Nana, who had trained in tailoring at an early age.  I've
augmented this over the years with training in theatre, and design, and by studying modern fashion, as
well as by making a personal study of tailoring, embroidery, and fabric and sewing in general.  

I have made a private study of the history of dress to an obsessive extent!  (To the point where I can
identify most later garments within about 10 years, and earlier ones within roughly 50 years).

I am also currently studying millinery and hat making at Leeds College of Art.

In short, I have a lifelong obsession with clothing - how it is made, and how styles and methods of
cutting and working evolve over time.

Nigel helps with the research of all things military.

Frequently, he'll be the one dealing with e-mail enquiries, and other communication, as I'm chained to
my sewing machine / needle book.

Nigel holds a BA(Hons) in Ancient and Medieval History and Archaeology.

He has been re-enacting for nearly 40 years, and he is one of the founder members of Conquest, the
Anglo-Norman Living History Society, and is still heavily involved in running the society.