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I've given some information regarding my padding work on my home page, but here I'll give a little more detail on
the options.

Style-wise, the options are just about limitless.  I can make an entirely historical piece, or I can make an entirely
fantasy / invented piece - and everything in between.  You can provide me with a design yourself, or I can design
something for you.  Either way, this can be accomplished long-distance, entirely via e-mail consultation.

Construction varies quite a lot, depending on the style of the garment.  
Most of the pieces I make are machine quilted, with hand sewn (or machine and hand sewn) edgings.  
The next most common construction is completely hand sewn, or hand knotted and hand sewn.
Finally, I make a few pieces that are entirely machine sewn.

Many of the items I make can be constructed in all three ways - some are limited to only one or two.

The materials I use are mainly linens for linings, and linens, canvases, and leathers for the outers.  
I use a variety of padding materials, some absolutely historically correct, some less so, including woollen fabric
and blankets, cotton quilt wadding, wool-rich 'shoddy'* blankets, raw wool fleece, raw cotton 'wool', rags, straw,
and linens.   *'shoddy' in the old sense of a fabric made from waste textile materials.
Again, some of these are suitable for most of the padded garments I make, others are only suitable for certain
styles and methods of construction.

If you're unsure what you need / want, the simplest thing is to get in touch (e-mail is best) - we can advise you on
the best garment for your needs, on construction and materials, as well as give you a quote, and discuss current
lead times at the same time.